Highlifter with photocell in painted steel

Model OA-379/B-Fotocelle

This electrical high lifting pallet truck with photocell is ideal for handling goods on pallets. The photocell gives a smooth and controlled movement as the highlifter lowers and raises automatically when goods are loaded or unloaded.


On the side of the highlifter, you will find a control box containing a photocell and control module. The box can be set to the desired height. When you select “Auto Up” or “Auto Down”, the highlifter automatically sets the desired height. An emergency button is included as an extra safety measure. By pressing “Auto OFF”, the highlifter can be used as a regular highlifter.

The maximum lifting height with a standard lift is 800 mm.
The maximum lifting height by photocell is 780 mm.

Data Sheet

Product Details

Load capacity:
1,000 kg
Fork height lowered:
90 mm
Hydraulic motor:
12V/ 0,8KW
Lifting speed unloaded:
0,08 m/sek
Lifting speed loaded:
0,05 m/sek
1x12 V
Battery capacity:
51 Ah/5h
Battery weight:
20 kg
12V /5A
Lowering speed :
Steering wheels:
Load wheels :
Weight without battery:
138 kg
Weight with battery:
158 kg


  • Build-in charger
  • Outside fork spread: 480 mm and 685 mm
  • Fork length: 700* to 2,000 mm
  • Stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Powered for compressed air
  • Powered for 220 V from mains
  • Parking brake
  • Automatic lift stops with photocell
  • Color of your choice
  • Different wheel
  • * The lift height is reduced at fork length of below 1,200 mm