Powder-coated transport trolley

Model Pulverlakeret transportvogn

This transport trolley has been developed in collaboration with NEMLIG.com and is a great transport trolley when picking goods from the warehouse shelves.

Safe, stable, and easy to operate

The powder-coated transport trolley has three shelves, which are made of Caucasian sheets. The end gables are fitted with plexiglass plates that give the user a clear view while driving, and the plates also ensure that the packages do not fall off.

The trolley is equipped with 4 swivel wheels and 2 fixed wheels in the middle of the carriage, which minimizes friction and thereby reduce the load on the user of the carriage. All to ensure a good and safe working environment.

Data Sheet

Product Details

1600 mm
425 mm
Wheels (swivel):
Ø 125