Pallet truck - Stainless steel

Model 115-449S

This manual stainless pallet truck is specially made for the food and pharmaceutical industries and in other companies where stringent requirements must be met for hygiene, the environment and thorough cleaning.


  • Load capacity: 2000 kg
  • Size: 520 x 1130 mm
  • Customized configurations available on request
  • Hydraulic system
  • High-quality product with long lifetime
  • Made in Denmark


  • Stainless steel – the risk of bacterial invasion is minimized
  • Developed for environments with severe hygienic requirements
  • Easy to clean
  • Few hiding places for bacteria


  • The automatic neutral position valve ensures that when the tow bar is moved slowly, the pallet truck does not lift. If the tow bar is moved quickly, the pallet truck lifts normally


  • The steering wheels are fitted on a pivoting axle, which ensures that all three sets of wheels have full contact with the ground and thus are easier to operate
  • The wheels in the fork nose are fitted to ensure safe operation across the pallets
Data Sheet

Product Details

Load capacity:
2,000 kg
Outside width std:
520 mm
Fork length std:
1,130 mm
Lowest fork height:
85 mm
Lifted height unloaded:
200 mm
Width on fork:
160 mm
Steering angle:
Steering wheel:
Ø180 mm
Load wheel:
Single eller Boogie
Wheel standard:
Lifting high per stroke:
11 mm
76 kg


  • Shortest fork length: 400 mm
  • Longest fork length: 3000 mm
  • Minimum outside fork spread: 320 mm
  • Maximum outside fork spread: 1,500 mm
  • Special forks for paper rolls
  • Different wheel